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Post  Dirty White Knights on Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:15 pm

If you lose your dog then ring your Dog Warden immediately. Stray dogs are only kept in the pound for 7 days, so the quicker you make the call the better. Also, ring Dog Wardens for the surrounding area, plus any local vets/rescues.

It's worth ringing the Police (do not use 999, look up the number for general enquires), but don't bank on them being too helpful. They are only interested if the dog is dangerous, or likely to cause a traffic issue.

After 7 days in the pound dogs are either re homed, collected by rescue, or in the worst case PTS.

To increase the odds in your favour, as well as collar and tag think about getting your dog micro chipped (costs from £10) or/and tattooed (A unique serial number is tattooed inside the ear).

Report a stray dog:

For info on what to do if you find a stray, or lose your dog:

Find a local police authority:

Dogs Lost:

National Pets Register:

To find your local dog Warden:
http://local.direct.gov.uk/LDGRedirect/index.jsp?LGSL=432&LGIL=8&ServiceName=Find out about the dog warden service]

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